If I lost my glasses, how would I see?
Charlotte, NC
Sept. 2014

1000% not up for testifying in court this week.

Also I’m doing pretty well with studying vocab words for the GREs, but I’m only doing that so I can procrastinate on studying for my Gender and Difference exam on Tuesday.

Also group supervision is this week and it just happens to be during my therapy session so I’m going to have to miss it or be super late.


feeling beautiful today.

also just finished up half a bottle of nasty wine and I’m feeling a wee bit tipsy which is nice for me right now.


Sir will be busy all weekend so I might take cute selfies because selfies are a form of self care for me.


I love wearing red on my lips and it makes me feel so good about myself, but I feel so self conscious wearing it outside the house because of one of my exes always complaining about how it looks extremely unnatural and bad on me. I did manage to wear it out to class this week though.


UMatter @ UMass, whether you’re a person or some baby grass

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Rainy morning at Umass and David and I got burritos for dinner.



I wasn’t kidding
(threw in a squat just for y’all)


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