Just the other day I was trying to explain why it makes me so uncomfortable when people call someone who commits suicide selfish, and this sums it up perfectly.

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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I’m very picky about being spoken to in certain ways by certain people.

If you’re not my Sir then do not speak to me in a way that you would not speak to one of your blood relatives.

  • there is absolutely no reason to ask me how many partners I’ve had.
  • Do not make perverted/sexual comments to me
  • Do not expect any sort of “special” pictures from me

I’m unsure if it’s just a male thing or what, but when I post pictures of myself looking cute and awesome and attractive it is not for your pleasure and it is not an invitation to flirt with me.

None of you would be in my league anyway because you’re creepy internet people who think they can sexually harass complete strangers…

In addition to that, I’m sick of people pretending to be my friend and then finding out I have a partner and then never speaking to me again.
It’s also uncomfortable to directly let people know that what they say is unwanted or inappropriate, because usually people talking to me are bigger/stronger than I am, and whine like little shitbabies when they sense even the slightest bit of rejection. It can be a physically unsafe option for me.

There is a respectful way to compliment people and a creepy perverted way to compliment people. Learn the difference and only speak to me in a respectful way.

I found a pair of galaxy leggings that I actually liked a little while back and this is the first time I’ve worn them (as pants, nonetheless).

Trying to take pictures for my blog. I actually like how I look with super heavy eyeliner even though my family hates it.

It’s hard to take pictures with my glasses on without getting horrible glares on the lenses.

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*Trigger Warning* brief discussion of rape and abuse

Perhaps my analysis will be proven wrong as I grow older and wiser, but as of right now I am struck by how everyone in this world is ‘broken’. When I was a kid I thought of the world as a place filled with confident adults who did clear-cut…

My cat is a gold digger part 2 #golddigger #cats


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Discovering I have leftovers in my fridge when I think I have nothing to eat is always a pleasant surprise.