panicking about grad school because this is the year I need to prepare and take the GREs and decide what programs I want to apply to and figure out which professors I should ask for recommendations from.

Also I should think of a plan B just in case grad school doesn’t happen immediately.

Ugh this came up too fast it feels like just yesterday I was in Kindergarten and now I’m going to graduate college in a year and I’m panicking and this is so stressful.


If you find any mistakes please send me an ask and I’ll fix it immediately! This is my first time drawing a comic. Hope you like it.

Well this is what I spent almost a week on, nearly without breaks. The idea is that Hans killed Elsa near the end and Anna had to run away with Kristoff to save herself. Despite what Hans thought, killing Elsa wouldn’t remove the winter, and so he started looking for Anna when he saw she was gone. He didn’t expect Anna, who had been toughened by the merciless wilderness of Arendelle, to be ready for when he finally did find her.

Thanks to the brilliant Gingerhaole for feeding my brain with such a wonderful au idea, and actually bringing me to make this reality, and thanks to everyone who kept me company in my livestreams. You make my world go round, guys!

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Don’t ever feel offended if I don’t answer your asks or anons or memes. I’m not ignoring you. I would never ignore anybody on purpose. Either tumblr ate them or I had every intention to and I just forgot. 

So this is basically a reminder that I’m human and a terrible one at that so don’t hate me for my flaws because I have a lot of them.

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It is the middle of April. Why is there snow outside?!


I want to take pictures of my Shizuo cosplay now that the weather is warm.


The weather is absolutely lovely. I have a short day on Mondays, so I wore cute clothes and went outside barefoot for the first time this year. My feet have missed the earth, it felt so nice to finally walk about without the barrier of shoes. The wind is strong and the temperature isn’t too hot just yet, and it was cloudy for a good while. This is my kind of weather and I’m glad I get to enjoy it again, even if only for a short while.

in indirect light my hair looks brown with a hint of red, but in direct sunlight it looks almost neon orange.

Lighting is interesting.


I found the dress that I will wear on the 20th anniversary of my birth.
°˖✧ ◝(^-^)◜ ✧˖°

can’t wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer so I can wear this dress again. (Also I miss that hair color, dark hair is my one true love)


Cheating is NOT a mistake.
If you’re truly in love with someone, you will not be able to kiss someone else without tasting your loved ones tears stain your lips. You will not be able to take your clothes off for someone else without feeling like a field ripped bare to its soil. Cheating is a choice, its a choice you made because you obviously didn’t give a single fuck about your relationship.