I am going to California for a week and won’t have my laptop so I probably will be MIA until next Saturday.

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dont comment/tag peoples pics with sexual shit


nobody cares about all the weird creepy shit youre thinking, its gross and nobody wants to see that on their photos. dont be a massive fuckin weirdo



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Actually, Makoto, they’re married.

Ahaha I’d never thought I would see this on my dash … thank you for sourcing me I appreciate it!

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I made about $250 selling my old clothes and things on ebay this past month.

Emptier room, fuller wallet. Gotta make some cash to pay for a new phone and the heftier phone bill that comes with it, my brothers say it costs them about $540 a year so I still have a ways to go. X__X

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I just trimmed 4” off my hair because the ends were becoming like velcro. It looks shorter but also looks like 3x thicker and feels so much smoother.

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started up my netflix account again … and I got another free month trial?


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thank god they finally reversed the transaction.

Also just found a few gift cards in my room to Forever 21, went on an online shopping spree.

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Called up my CC company again today because I’m mad that they sided with the merchant. I asked who the merchant was (because the charge is showing up as random numbers/letters and just has a location and the type of service that was bought) and the lady couldn’t tell me and said it did look questionable. I complained again and she told me they will try to contact the merchant and will get back to me in writing in 7 days.

Here’s hoping that my CC company isn’t completely stupid and can understand why a $49.95 charge (which is convieniently just under the $50 FCBA limit) from across the country with a description of random numbers and letters with a merchant that they can’t even identify is unauthorized.

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The credit card company has decided that I made the charge on my card and refuses to take it off.

Yeah. Because I spent $49.95 on specialty food stores/vending machines in California when I live across the country.

Totally legit.

Totally considering cancelling this card and trying to get a new one.

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Victory selfies from our hike.

I started having an intense bronchospasm halfway up the mountain and was gasping for air for about ten minutes, but I persevered.

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